Some friends come and go
Like footsteps amidst the snow
Never to return


Ye might shutter to recall
The gentle dawn of this day
To adorn this beautiful mem'ry
With the swallow of your play

For thy lavish eyes consume me
As I quiver to parade
Thy beauty upon this tender mind
And forsake thy lure today

Though deep within me grows
An anguishing pain down there
Past olde mem'rys below
Where my mind was in despair

Never shall I know
Thy breath upon my face
That caress I long to feel
In thy tender heavenly place


Shadows fall at night
Afraid of the morning light
Waiting out of sight


Once I loved and longed for thee
Across those waters great
Then this passion captured me
But t'was not to be my fate

The year had passed when I was there
But I remember thee still
Long letters that we two had shared
Of a time when our hearts were filled

With hope each day I'd wait for thee
But thy letters never came
And time left me standing there
My broken heart to blame

But as I recall thy treasure then
Filled with passion and joy
I will always remember thy smile
For now and evermore


Tragedy knocks upon thy door
When love doth leave thy side
And teardrops ever fall like rain
From thy love that was denied

The pain at first doth pierce thy love
Like daggers thrown in haste
By one who conceils his evil face
To lay thy love to waste

True it is that many will lie
With such a beautiful face
While others of a purer love
Are left with a loveless fate

So, in the end there were two
Shattered from tragedy's ride
One from a broken lonely life
The other from love denied


T'is this spring of youth in my mind
That calleth me out to play
Among the tulips ever sweet
On this beautiful day

But as mine heart doth call me there
My self says slowly awake
And seize the play of this splendid day
Where nothing be ever fake.

And as I saw thee standing there
Among the flowers gold
My heart doth jump with glee
From the love thee hath told

Shall I wait or chance my fate
To be with thee evermore
Or rush to be by thy side
To make memories once more


Oh, how I doth fear thy last breath's fade,
For under God's light did thy memory made.
Of springs long past and summers gone,
To bring light to mine heart with joyous
Cool winds, gentle breeze doth make me forget
Long hours past dawn from whence I sweat
For in them I ever think of thee
With dreams of holding you pressed to me
And now as I rush to be by thy side
My mind races wildly for the words deep inside
To tell thee of my heart and my love for you
And hopes that we may forever be just two
Whilst my gaze lies gently upon thine eyes,
With hope this treasure lays on distant sky.
Deep in the wish this promise be true
That our love be forever eternally through.


Your lovely face sent such grace
Mine eyes could ever behold
Shall time ever share that gift
Upon this shadow cold?

Every night I see you there
Through shadows red and gold
Your flowing hair still falling there
Brings memories of old

This faded mind ever haunts
Dreams that find mine heart
Chasing every place within
That rips this mind apart

Tortured is this broken heart
Indebted to thy love
For such tender arms you gave
Like an angel from above

Within this darkness shall mine eyes
Forever search above
Dreams where thee shall ever live
To find this eternal love


Thy beauty fills mine eyes,
Like roses gently bloomed,
Soft gentle water blows,
Thy scent across this room

Thy smooth tender limbs,
Flow from hither there,
Just hypnotize this busy mind,
Dare make mine heart despair

Thy rose softly caresses,
Against thy tender cheek,
The mem'ry of this moment,
Forever makes me weak

These thoughts always haunt,
With each move you invent,
Through graceful gardens filled,
With this tender rose content


The call to arms brings such alarm
To young men who enter that stage
And there upon they act in song
With the drama about to be played

For duty calls to come to the wall
To serve thy country with pride
And not to care if fate be dared
To seize thy life and to die

Such is the way of men long past
Who's fathers and theirs before
Past the torch of Freedom's price
To their sons and be done once more

Thus the burden of Liberty's cost
Reminds us once again
This conviction leads us all
To grow from boys to men.


With their lithe walk and head so high
Reveals a faintly clue to the naked eye
And as you pass by their clever glance
They seem to say you have no chance

Just try as you may for your mark each day
They watch your every step along the way
Waiting to steal each jewel you make
As they groom the master for their own take

Trust me now son, as you toil each day
Turn not your cheek the other way
For in life you know that its been ordained
The riches only go to the very vain.

Music & Lyrics by SirLatour Copyright 2021 SIRLATOUR™ All Rights Reserved


Twisted minds that deliver strife,
Shall fall as prey on future flight,
Like innocent sparrows blown by the wind,
Even though their journey should never end

Their deeds be evil as before,
Like the pounding of gentle shores,
Where sea shells crash against the reef,
While whales steal cubs like a thief

So what does it mean that men succumb,
To evil deeds that leaves men numb,
When tragedy strikes with no recourse,
But to steal again another man's horse ?

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All Rights Reserved
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