Making the Right Choice


What follows is how I used logic, reasoning, and a computer program to make the critical decision to support the Republican Party. Of course, each reader should feel free to come to their own individual conclusion.

Each political party wants you to support them because that's how they win - By Numbers.

Truthfully, you will find by taking these tests, it is totally unimportant which party you may choose, because, as you will learn, your own political philosophy is far more complex than the platforms of these two parties.

Please take note that I was a long-time supporter of the Democratic Party for over 50 years since 1967.

So, this decision to change parties has not been an easy decision to make or made lightly.

In our American political system we are forced to choose between two parties; but to do otherwise dilutes our right to vote to a meaningless value without any weight.

Further, because of the core nature of human behavior, we are forced to consider a candidates personal life, religious, political, and philosophic views, and personal ambition and goals for choosing to become elected officials. These are all important factors to weigh when choosing a candidate for office. To justly select the best candidate is truly like trying to solve a complex puzzle.

To help me make an objective, logical decision, I developed a computer program which considered every facet of a candidates known personal and political history. The program's outcome was, even to myself, quite surprising. I had never considered myself anything but a Democrat before I made a critical analysis of my values compared to the party platform. But still, the decision to change was difficult to make. That considered, I then developed an ultimate means test for the candidates to be chosen.
That means test became what I call,
"The Patriot 12 Commandments" which you can read on Atomnews Patriots Page.

The following are some of the factors I used to analyze both my values and the values of each party.

What Is the party's political temperature,
ie. 0-10?

Does the party support the Pledge of Allegiance?

Does the party support and defend the Constitution of the United States?

Does the party support the concept that the Constitution os outdated, and needs to be changed or modernized?

Does the party support political collective concepts?

Does the party support the rights of the individual?

Does the party support private property rights?


Your Political Compass

Pew Research Typology Quiz

The Advocates Quiz

Political Party Quiz

After taking the political type exam, you will realize that it is socially improper for others to criticize your view of the world, and you should likewise be kind and respectful of others as well. As scripture teaches us, "Blessed are the peacemakers".

We are each unique creatures made by our creator, and we should all be respectful and gratious to one another regardless of philisophical, spiritual or political belief.

Conclusively, people who fail to see this universal truth are unwittingly misled by the media, politicians, and others who wish to destroy our political system, our form of government, and our liberty.

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