A retired US Air Force Physician and friend has treated countless veterans returning from many theatres of operation over seas.

After asking his advice on what should be said of the Vietnam Veteran, he offered some very sage wisdom.

He said:
"Tell them about the hero at MyLai"

MyLai Hero

"Tell them about the South Vietnamese heroes that allied themselves with our soldiers."

Soldiers Allies

"Tell them about Pardo's push."

Pardo Push

"Tell them how horrible the communists were. How they buried a Catholic priest alive."

Catholic Priest Martyr

The doctor said: "Tell the truth, but do it in a way that puts closure on history, and focuses on the lessons we learned - lessons that paved the way for future victories. That is the legacy to leave for future generations."

So, with my doctor friend's advice I will strive to present to you, my readers, accounts given directly from the many veterans who have bravely and honorably served our country.