Common Sense by Zeke

You'll notice my "Proof" statement on the Aborters page in which I quote the State's definition of homicide. After writing that, I realized that Roe vs. Wade gives the Democrats, States, Doctors, and Law the authority to kill babies at will. It needs to be stopped. It needs to be overturned and replaced with very plain common sense rules codified into law which instruct potential mothers on their duties, obligations, and responsibilities as the progenitors of our future society.

To be the progenitor of society is truly an awesome honor, duty and responsibility in which women should and need to fully embrace and speak about publicly before state and federal legislatures and congress.

Of course, I do understand that it may become medically necessary to save the mother's life on rare occasions, but outside of that it's totally unnecessary in an age where mothers can choose open adoption which supports both mother and child.

I say that because, if I were a woman I would certainly know each month if I missed the cycle, which is the early sign of pregnancy. Is it not? It seems there should be no excuse!

If pregnancy is suspected, an exam, test or procedure should be performed at the State's expense if they feel it is necessary to assist needy or poor women.

Taking that position rule's out the necessity to perform abortions even on women who were raped or were victims of incest, because the pregnancy is found before human development has occured.

It seems to be a matter of timing. Timing to medically self-test each month. Timing to get regular pregnancy exams. And timing to seek help if confused or afraid.

And that's where Catholic Charities and other Pro-Life groups stand ready to help.

If you or anyone you know is challenged by the expectation of pregnancy, the Catholic Charities and other caring groups are there to help and assist throughout every phase of the complexity of bringing new life into the world, which includes counseling, therapy, and even open adoption which allows the mother to be a part of her child's life while receiving all of the love and support every child should have.

A God-given right?

Claim: A woman should have the right to join any Masonic Lodge she may choose.

Answer: A Freemason is a member of a fraternal organization called Free and Accepted Masons or Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.
Each fraternity observes ancient symbolic traditions which are governed by the landmarks, by-laws, rules, and regulations of the Grand Lodge in which each Freemason resides.
AF&AM follows ancient tradition in which each and every member, according to ancient landmarks of the fraternity, must be male.
For women who desire to experience the tenants of Freemasonry, co-ed Masonic bodies have been created in which they may join.
However, every member of the AF&AM fraternity is required by ancient landmark to resign if he desires to join the co-ed Masonic Fraternity.
Many Masons have chosen the option to enjoy Freemasonry with their wives.

Masonic Sinners?

Claim: Masonic Lodges are sinners because they worship a false God(s).

Answer: Jabulov or Jabulon is a word which is allegedly used in some rituals of Royal Arch Masonry.

This is purely prejudice speculation. Europeans mispronounced the name Jehovah because Europeans weren't educated or allowed to read the Bible by the Vatican during the Crusades.