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"In Defense of The Unborn: Journey from Womb to Tomb"


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"Quiet Tears"
by Bob O'Meara

Miraculous moment
One body, one soul
Conception, reception
He whispers hello
Bone of my bones
Flesh of my flesh
Two became one
One became flesh
Tree of knowledge
Tempting indeed
Precious little one
Unwelcome seed
Cradle of love
Home for awhile
Tears on a pillow
Unable to smile
Dismembered, remembered
No body, one soul
Rejected, unprotected
He whispers hello

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"Fear Not"
by Bob O'Meara

An unborn child
Tosses and turns
Hold onto me mommy
I am eager to learn
Pressure from many
To right a mistake
Hold onto my life
I am not a disgrace
Tiny toes tapping
Counting the days
It's a womb not a tomb
I need your embrace
Weeping in silence
Hoping you can hear
Listen to me mommy
You have nothing to fear
For the love of God
And the whole human race
Have the courage to want me
Reach out for His grace
Feeling your heartbeat
In rhythm with mine
I know that you love me
It's in His design

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"Here They Lie"
by US Senator Gordon Humphrey

Human remains slumber here
Midst filth and rotting trash.
Tiny hands and arms,
Meant for love's embrace,
Instead were torn piece by piece
From life by Dr. Mengele's merciless machines.

Here they lie, forsaken and dirty.
These, our brothers and sisters,
who yearned to grow, yearned to know
the world, suffused with the primal
urge to live which bore each of us
through life's first months, then years
and decades.

Each began his passage as we began ours
A unique human being, unlike any other.
In the entire compass of human history never was there one like any one of these, nor can there be again.

Yes, these were human infants,
for human beings only beget human beings.
Our own kind,
Human beings from the start
unto the end.

Here lie the remains of helpless infants,
destroyed, midst filth and rotting trash.

And here lies Mercy...
And here lies Decency...
And here lies Virtue...
And here lies Justice...
...with the children, murdered and deeply mourned.

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"Precious Own"
by SirLatour™

Isn't it enough,
To take our precious time?
To tax our precious lives,
To the very edge of crime?

But now they take our seed
Like spilling on the ground
But No, they thrust the spear
To kill our precious own

My son yearns to live
To see the light of day
To feel first breath of life
To hope for futures May

He calls with silent voice
For anyone to hear
And prays for God's Mercy
To bring him just one year

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"The Gift-Forgotten"
by Cindy Speltz

Where are all the children,
We reject and refuse?

Under the guise,
Of 'The right to choose'

Who will remember,
Each and every child - lost

Oh, what have we done,
Who could fathom the cost

Can you not hear,
Their silent screams

Beyond the hills and,
Below the streams

The gift of little children,
Who are no more

A hidden wound - unhealed,
Fatal to the core

So many are deprived,
Of family love and life

When will it be too late,
Reaping enough strife

Vacant wombs and Empty hearts,
Place no value,

On broken bones,
And fetal parts

Where are silent grieving mothers,
Who have not given birth

May your cries be heard,
Echoing throughout the earth

Our nation's soul,
On a quest for death

May God's final mercy,
Be our saving breath

All the little children-lost,
Would have us forgiven

Who've shed their blood,
Are now with God, in Heaven...

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Copyright © 2020 SirLatour™
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