Poetry of SirLatour


Honor holds true for they
who defend the republic
and wage war on tyranny


Eternally Thine

Oh, how I doth fear thy last breath's fade
For under God's light did thy memory made
Of springs long past and summers gone
To Bring light to mine heart with joyous song
Whilst my gaze lies gently upon thine eyes
With hope this treasure lays upon yonder sky
Deep in the hope His promise be true
That our love be forever eternally through

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

Mother Nature

Her beauteous rise on such gentle morn
Gave not such clue to mine eye.

And though my sense gave rise to the alarm
My fellow self says no need to heed the skies.

But alas, she fooleth me with her flowing sway,
And hither do I fall against her limbs
Like the wistful days of May.

Perhaps one day, when long she breathes
Good wisdom to mine ear.

Shall I fall more graceful upon Her fields
And say, "Oh ! Now I see My Dear!"

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

Justly Right

Never a day shall pass,
Never a moment shall linger.
Never a word shall escape the roving eye.
Let him not take leave of himself for his own wandering,
For duty is owed to a condemning world,
Who's failure shall never be even
So much as a fleating chance.

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

Quick To Judge

Between the lines they read,
To paint their righteous cause.
With never a pause to ponder why
Or give question to their laws.
With haste they steadily plod upon
the trail of the wounded beast,
to thrust the spear of fallen fate
deep beyond his feet.

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

Presidential Pressures

Isn't it enough that a well-qualified man of deep conviction courageously steps toward the great challenge of leading America in such troubled times all-the-while expecting assaults upon his honor?

No sooner does his cautious foot pass across the threshold of history than the slings of arrows rush to meet him with ambitious zeal.

Should we not run to aid his lone advance into the sting of contemptuous tongues and valiantly break their ambivalent pride?

But alas, he alone must bravely forge through that treacherous path toward greater minds to help mend the hearts of a troubled world!

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

Founding Fathers

As I gaze upon more dubious minds
To see new light in a President's way,

One simple holly star doth faultily rise
To bring dishonor and to say,

"Our Founding Fathers"
Were but as common men
To heed that valiant alarm,

And no more than a common fool
To answer the "Call to Arms".

But I do see before mine eye
A greatness in their stride,

A wisdom above all common sense
To heed their country's pride.

And still we learn through mind and man
Their lives, their honor did they give,

But to remember them as "common men"
'Tis an insult for me to live.

For history's tale of great men did we hear,
And of how they bravely died,

Great men with honor and God's resolve
To follow Paul Revere's ride!

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

My Precious Friend

Oh my dear friend,
I surely doth recall,
Thy gentle precious gift,
You hath given us all

For in my beautious dreams,
You shall ever roam,
Through tall fields of grass,
Forever called your own.

And Lo, I shall not ponder,
Upon moments lost,
But hold dearly fast,
To the cherished cost

Of your gentle spirit,
Pressed 'gainst my hand,
As you guide my path,
Through God's Holy Land.

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

Pleasant Change

Closed was mine eye,
Like a long-lasting dream
A dream never-ending,
Forever extending,
And bending Mine soul so it seemed.

And as I doth stare yonder distant sky,
With flowing haze upon this dreary daze
Leaped did mine breast when sudden I rise,
For she hath gathered me up to play.

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

Caring Hands

Our hearts have been touched
By your caring hands
Our lives ever changed
Like the ocean sand
As brothers sworn
By their honor true
To hold each one up
When our days turn blue

We wish you well now
As we do part
For life's new journey
And our start
To mend our hearts,
To travel new lands
And never forget
Your caring hands

Dedicated to Our VA Nurses & Doctors

Vietnam Veteran
DaNang 1968

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

Invisible Tax

From afar doth they practice stealthy deeds,
Beyond tall timbers fallen long before,
To plot and plod for secretive gain,
Without hesitation or tinge of remorse,
Diving deep into his brothers purse,
Absent of conscience or moral restrain,
To return that which was already stolen.

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

Galliant Ride

From the light, into the night,
They ride with golden sword.

Upon the trail of ancient greed,
Their armor through is torn.

At each advance, the turn is made,
To taunt them in their stride.

Their perfect soul he aims to steal,
Their honor and their pride.

But Lo, he does not know,
the secret given true,

To every Knight on High,
Eternal journey through.

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

Desparate Resolve

Promised Change comes steadily slow
From the forked tounge desperate to show

The grandness of his frolic scheme
To play the piper of our stolen dream.

But truth now follows his every pace
The serpent slithers in anxious haste

To stike his heel and set mighty blow
For desperate resolve and ultimate show.

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved

Wisdom of Zeke

Let not your heart consume your mind,
beyond the inner door.
Let the passing of each day,
Bring honor, not discord.

For far beyond your inner door,
Awaits black passions end.

To steal your soul, From the night,
For darkness and revenge.

Passions curse lies beneath,
Every breath that you take.

With patience he crawls deep within,
For the moment to steal your fate.

To seize your heart and pierce your soul,
With maximum intent

To drag your gift beyond the wall,
Of Satan's lonely den.

So listen to this warning son,
And heed the valiant call.

To seek the truth at every door,
And meet passion at the wall.

Let him not take his even stride,
Toward the inner door.

Halt him with each step you take,
And force him to the floor.

St. Michael's Prayer
I call upon St. Michael's shield,
To guard my every move.

To strike with each just advance,
Satan's evil brood.

So, Lord take this sword from my hands,
And bury in the Abyss!

For my fate is in thy hands,
And my Trust is in thy Midst!

Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved


Honor holds true
for they who defend the republic
and make war upon tyranny


Copyright© 1970 SirLatour™
All Rights Reserved Member NPPA