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Wisdom of Zeke: "A wise man rightly judges men, when tongues are used as weapons"

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2020 Democrat Lies

  • Joe Biden
  • Claims to be Middle Class
    Claims he Graduated in Top of his Class
    Claims he graduated with three degrees
    Claims he had a full law school scholarship
    Plagerized Law Review (true)
    YouTube (Video Interviews)
    University of Delaware
    C-SPAN Interviews
    Chicago Tribune

    Income Record Millions Earned

    Biden`s academic records show that he
    with a single Bachelor of Arts Degree and a ''C'' average, ranking 506th in a class of 688 students. From law school he graduated 76th in a class of 85.
    Source: University of Delaware

    2020 Libertarian Lies

  • Bernie Sanders

  • Claims to represent the average citizen

    His wealth contradicts socialist doctrine.
    He earns 30 times the average citizen.

    Carl Marx, Father of Socialism, required every citizen to have social and economic equality.

    In a socialist society,
    the "State" pays the same wage to everone.
    Therefore, Bernie Sanders is a socialist hypocrite (liar), because his annual gross income is 30 times the average American.

    Sanders constantly promotes socialism
    However, his wealth is a betrayal of his false socialist ideology, labeling him a liar.

    Quote: "Forty percent of the guns in this country are sold without any background checks"


    2020 Republican Party Lies

  • Trump

  • No evidence of purposeful lying could be established or substantiated.