Medical abortions to protect the life of the mother are rare. The vast majority of abortions are not to protect the life of the mother, but to terminate the pregnancy simply because the mother does not want to have her baby.
Considering the post surgical physical and mental health effects of abortion, it is perplexing why these mothers choose abortion over open adoption, since there seems to be no real need for abortion outside of rare medical necessity.

Over 850 thousand defenseless babies are murdered every year because of senseless abortion, and yet the democrat party does nothing to stop the practice.

Pope Francis calls the Democrat Party
The Nazi Democratic Party
The Party of Death

State laws define homicide as the unintentional killing of one human being by another. Murder, is the taking of life with deliberate intent [src: State Laws]
The State Supreme courts recognize the unborn as humans.

AtomNews provides some names of these elected officials who condone the killing of innocent babies.
You, the voters, can help end this practice starting at the ballot box.
Support the Catholic Church, the Holy Father in Rome, and other Pro-Life organizations across the nation and the world in the fight to end senseless killing of defenseless babies.
The unborn have rights too!
Don't vote for these heartless people.
Your vote can save lives!
Vote Republican!

Catholic Charities USA
A Perfect Mother
Common Sense

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